I’͟m no͟t ̛m͠e͘a̢n! ̛I̷’͜ḿ jüst ͝c̛ü͝rs͜ęd͞. :͘C

I’m watchin’ you.

Not really. Pfff.



And their barks….it’s too sharp.

*ear that was prodded twitches away for a moment before returning to where it was*

Waaaay too sharp. Ugh. Petition to make an island for chihuahuas only, anyone?

>Poke poke.



Whoever says people are their cuppa tea has a problem. Unless that cuppa is not filled with tea, but tears.

It’s hard for me to hate people, not gonna lie.

I’m the most precious little shit ever.

Overflowing with tears of black liquid sorrow.
Shit, that was kinda poetic. Fuck yes.

I would babble and ramble so much you’d either hate me or make me blow you to shut up.

Tenderly touches face until it gets creepy.



Small dogs are pretty..odd. *scrunches face up* Land piranhas

*ears bend to the side and smiles a little*

Eeeexactly. Ankles are not for biting.

>You grin and prod an ear.



People shouldn’t have to do a lot of things, but they do all the same.

I don’t mind the babbling.

Holds you so you don’t fall face first on the floor. 

And that’s why people aren’t my cuppa tea anymore.

Thank fuck, or you’d hate me.

Oh, how precious. Touches cheek.



I g̀ü̢es͠s t̡h͠a̸t̀’s͡ o͡k̴a̕y͘, t̷he͠n͘.

҉Heh,̛ ̧t̡wo of ͡t̶he͢ ͡fi̕r̡sţ ́w͡h́o͘ c̛al҉led̴ m҉e͞ ̧”̧sis͡”͜ aren’t͟ even aroü͞nd̕ ͡a̸ny̴morȩ.͡ ̴Ma̛ybe͝ ̸t̵hat̕ ͝n̨ick͞n͠a͟me̸ i͝s̷ ͟ćür҉sed.

And you tried to get me to call you sis. You meanie.


hey there! 

im aradia megido and its nice to meet you
also thanks for following! its great to meet new people!

how are you?

Hello, Aradia. I’m Bro. Bro Strider.
And it’s not a problem, I’ve needed new people to meet.

I’m fine. Chill as a cucumber. And yourself?



Understandable from your background…Does the current place you like not accept pets?

*snaps out of it and puffs cheeks up, hops up and kisses his forehead too with some trouble*

We just don’t have pets. Personally, I’d like a cat. Or a big dog. Little dog are annoying yappers.

>You snicker, but ruffle his hair between the ears, in kind of a weird silent thank you.



I’m used to it. After a time span equivalent to a thousand years or so, you get used to being treated like shit.

Huh. I think I can get the feeling.

Don’t swoon, please.


Shouldn’t have to. 

Yeah. Eventually we just bolted and then me and my brother split up. And now I’m babbling.

Swooooning, babe.


Oh no that’s bad, yelling scares not only people but bunnies will run.

*stares and cheeks go red*….I

I live in a city with two guys. No bunnies. I don’t like being around too many people. 

>You pat his shoulder.